Name: Navarana
Autor: Martin Kuriš
Genre: Literature for Children and Youth
Bound: hardback, hardcover, V8
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Annotation for Navarana:

The book Navarana is an original work by the contemporary artist Martin Kuriš. It is a lavishly illustrated book covering 48 pages. Nineteen of those pages contain full-page colour reproductions of images which have become an exhibition cycle that has toured galleries in the Czech Republic and abroad. The book is set in an unknown country in the Arctic Circle, and tells the adventurous tale of a seafarer who is shipwrecked with his boat. He loses everything except for his life. As he continues along the coast he finds an isolated Indian family, whom he helps to break an evil spell and return to the family of Akatusunka – the bear hunter.
The book is intended for children aged 7 and above.
In 2011 Navarana won the Gold Ribbon for illustrations for children and young people.