Tabook .1.—3.10. 2020

název výstavy: Vyprávění obrazem

místo: truhlárna


Exhibition of paintings and wooden sculptures by the artist Martin Kuriš at Tabook 2020. The exhibition consists of 12 paintings from 2009 to 2019. It is a selection of paintings that is a cross-section of the author’s narrative work. The theme of solitude, which frames this year’s festival, is a prominent motif in the author’s work. creation. The paintings belong to individual art cycles, which were published mostly within the edition of the Faculty of Art and Design of the UJEP, where the author works as a teacher. They are cycles called Navarana, Lola, Baryk or the unfinished Modrák. The need for solitude is a must for the author – painter. This is also evidenced by his ascetic way of life in a small lonely village in northern Bohemia. However, the motif of solitude or loneliness does not appear in the paintings. There are also themes of family, friendship, childhood or love. In pictures, the author tells what he experiences and sees around him. It is in a way a diary narrative. Members of his family, children from the neighborhood, the landscape that the author passes through every day appear in the paintings. The composition of the images is made up of events that have taken place or could have taken place throughout life. Not only the motif of solitude, which can also be beautiful, resonates through this exhibition with the viewer of Tabook 2020. The exhibition also includes a wok shop for the public.