The exhibition Blau

Date: from January 13 to March 5 2023

Place: Galerie Runde Ecke riesa efau kultur Forum Dresden

Autor Martin Kuriš

Kurator Frank Eckhardt

The exhibition of paintings and wooden sculptures by the artist and pedagogue Martin Kuriš at the Kulur Forum Dresden in the Runde Ecke gallery is opened from January 13 to March 5. Martin Kuriš is an author who lives in the Czech-German border area. He lives in the countryside in the former Sudetenland. He paints stories in the landscape in which he lives.

The author is engaged in painting and woodcarving. His work is narrative. He creates stories. one such story is exhibited in the Runde Ecke gallery. Martin Kuriš brings winter to Dresden. He exhibits paintings with a winter theme, in the gallery space he places wooden sculptures that he carved from linden and alder wood that grew in the Czech-German borderland. The exhibition also includes the publication of a Czech-German publication, which has the same name as the exhibition – BLAU. Buy here

The publication contains 170 illustrations, some painted as a picture on canvas, some as small illustrations on paper. The text has been translated into German and visitors to the exhibition can purchase the publication and take it away as a souvenir.

The book was published in cooperation with Ries Efau, the UJEP Faculty of Art and Design in Ústí nad Labem and the Czech-German Future Fund.